Bass Jigs
$4.10 each
Available in 3/8 and 1/2 oz. Price is same for both sizes. No minimum order. Prices listed are before shipping and 5.5% sales tax (where applicable).

Flippin' Jigs

This jig was created about twenty years ago by Marv Miller, truly one of the best bass fisherman Hutch ever knew.

This flippin' jig has the ability to cut through weeds just as well as it goes through wood because of its tapered head. It's also designed to stand up when resting, so the trailer is off the bottom and easier for the fish to pick up. We use a "Gamakatsu" hook, and all skirts are handtied. This is truly one of the best flippin' jigs you'll ever tie on.

We want to thank the Miller family for allowing us to reproduce their father's jig.