Glow Bucktail Jigs
$2.20 each (3/32 - 3/16 oz.)
$2.30 each (1/4, 5/16 oz.)
$2.40 each (3/8, 1/2 oz.)
$2.50 each (5/8, 3/4 oz.)
No minimum order. Prices listed are before shipping and 5.5% sales tax (where applicable).

Glow Bucktail Jigs

For a long time I have consistently been ask for a glow bucktail jig. I just wasn’t happy with a glow head. I finally have one now that I have confidence with. Instead of a glow head we went with glow tinsel in several different colors.

When charged with a light they glow strongly in their perspective colors. Just leaving them in the sun will produce a good glowing color.

The other nice thing about these jigs is even after they loose their glowing charge you still have a jig that has it’s own individual colors.

So now you have the best of both worlds. As always we use a super sharp hook, the best bucktail we can buy and they are all tied in the USA. I’m very confident these will be around for a long time to come.