Spinner Baits
$4.75 per 1/4 oz. Spinner Bait
$4.99 per 1/2 oz. Spinner Bait
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Short-Arm Spinner Baits

Over the course of the last several years, this style of lure has been all but forgotten. The fact is that the spinner bait is one fish-catching machine, and it is affectionately know by the locals as "WALT."

This spinner bait was designed by a true gentleman and fisherman by the name of Marv Miller. With the round head, you have the ability to effectively slow roll or burn this under all fishing conditions and structure. The vibration, or "thump" as I call it, is like no other on the market today.

These are 1/4 and 1/2 oz. spinner baits, and all blades are premium Colorado style. All heads are prism-painted for superb visibility in all water conditions. We use a Gamakatsu hook and quality ball-bearing swivels—in other words, nothing cheap here!

This spinner bait is one fish-catching lure that belongs in your tackle box, regardless of whether you're the weekend fisherman or a hard-core tournament angler.

I would like to thank the Miller family for allowing us to duplicate one of their father's favorite lures.